Paper Submissions

The paper submission deadline is June 28, 2019.

CELS will consider empirical papers spanning all areas of empirical legal studies. Authors are encouraged to submit works-in-progress; however, submissions should be completed drafts that include principal results. Submitted papers must be unpublished (and expected to be unpublished at the time of the conference). If accepted, authors will have an opportunity to submit a revised draft prior to the conference for presentation and discussion. Please note that accepted papers will be made available to all conference participants.

If you have questions about the submissions process, please contact

There is no charge for submissions.

When you submit a paper, you will be asked to indicate one of the following topic categories:

  • Administrative Law; Legislation; Statutory Interpretation
  • Antitrust; Regulated Industries
  • Bankruptcy; Secured Credit; Creditor Rights; Consumer Finance
  • Civil and Criminal Procedure; Litigation; ADR; dispute resolution
  • Commercial Law; Contracts
  • Constitutional Law; Civil Rights; Public Law
  • Corporate Governance; Corporate Law; Law and Finance
  • Courts; Evidence; Juries; Judges; Judicial Decision-making
  • Criminal Law; Crime; Law Enforcement
  • Employment & Labor Law; Family Law; Discrimination
  • Immigration
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Law (public and private); Comparative Law; International Trade
  • Law and Politics; Political Economy; Public Choice
  • Law and Psychology
  • Law Firms and the Legal Profession
  • Methodology
  • Property; Environmental Law
  • Securities; Financial Institutions
  • Taxation; Public Finance; Transfer Programs; Economic Inequality
  • Torts; Health Law; Insurance Law
  • Other