Fielding Randomized Control Trials (“RCTs”) in the Law

RCTs in the Law Training Workshop
Thursday, November 14, 2019: Noon – 5:00 pm
Friday, November 15, 2019: 8 am -10 am
Location: Honnold Library Founders Room

This workshop, conducted by Matthew McCubbins of Duke Law School,
Chris Griffin of the University of Arizona Law School, and by Jim Greiner and April Faith-Slaker of the Access to Justice Lab at Harvard Law School, is for professors, students, and others who seek an introduction of how to construct and implement randomized control trials (“RCTs”) in the legal setting, i.e., in partnership with the Bench and the Bar.  The focus of the workshop will be the setup and implementation of randomized field operations; the analysis of resulting data will not be covered.  No prior training in statistics is required or assumed.

For those interested in background reading, we suggest Alan S. Gerber & Donald P. Green, Field Experiments.

The workshop is an optional event—please note that it takes place the day BEFORE and the MORNING OF the start of the CELS conference.

The workshop requires advance registration and a registration fee of $100 in addition to CELS 2019 registration. Attendees must also become SELS members if they are not already, which is required as part of registering for the conference. Registration for the workshop is now open. To sign up, please visit the registration page.

For additional information please contact Jim Greiner.

Download the Course Outline

Advance Registration Required, Limited Enrollment.

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